Embroidery and Folklore

Women in Lingbao County embroider various works and toys with different implications for different seasons.

Mandarin duck embroidered on pillows means loyalty

Wedding day is a day of great happiness, and there is a saying that goes, “Red embroidery flowers in blue silk shoes symbolize managing of the family soon after marriage.” Bridal chamber must be decorated in a flourishing and prosperous way. Mandarin duck patterned pillows, dragon and phoenix patterned curtain, and phoenix on red silk door curtain are indispensable. Trousseaus for the bride are also exquisite artworks. The traditional saying goes that, “Being busy to embroider wedding dress, a night is divided into five periods. Peonies symbolizing richness and honor are embroidered on the front of the garment by the first period. Four corner of the garment are embroidered with a magpie on plum blossom tree which means blessing. In the fourth period, two lotus flowers on one stalk meaning connubial love would be done. The patterns of a dragon playing with a phoenix and the mandarin ducks would be finished in the fifth period.”

Embroidered silk bellyband for the baby

On the day marking the first month after giving birth to a baby, there would traditionally be a design, and embroidered silk bellyband to the baby. Dragon Boat Festival is a very important day. That day would usually be a very sunny day and people would make sachets to expel poisonous which are usually filled with fragrant herbs such as rhizome atractylodis and radix angelicae, and can expel poisonous insects like mosquitoes and flies and give off strong scent. Girls will make exquisite fragrant sachets as a love token for their right men. Mothers embroider fragrant sachets to bless their children to grow up peacefully and healthily.

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