Embroidery Tools and Embroidery Stitches

modern embroidery tool bag

Embroidery tools including:
1. Embroidery frames, including embroidery hoops and scroll frames;
2. Stand to support the frame, i.e., a three-legged stool;
3. Standing frame;
4. Scissors;
5. Needles: the thinnest is Yangmaozhen needle, created by Zhu Tang of the Ming Dynasty. The second thinnest is Su needle, which is sharp with a blunt eye and doesn’t hurt the hand;
6. Threads, including silk threads, yarn, golden threads, silver threads and wool threads.

embroidery stitch

The major artistic features of Chinese Embroidery are as follows:
Neat and beautiful patterns, fresh and elegant colors, a variety of stitches, and exquisite skills. As for the embroidery stitches, they boast a large variety, including a total of 43 kinds in 9 categories. Different stitches can produce different lines and artistic effect. For instance, the use of Shizhen Stitch and Gunzhen Stitch can make birds and animal vivid and lifelike, the use of Santao Stitch can make flowers fresh and look real, the use of Luanzhen Stitch can endow figures and landscapes with varied structures and artistic effect, the use of Dadian Stitch can make the work elegant and poetic, and the use of Dazi Stitch can produce an ancient and profound effect.

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