The Moral of Chinese Patterns of Kylin Delivering a Child


Kylin is a kind of miraculous animal in Chinese folklore. The male is called “Qi”, while the female is known as “Lin”. It has the dragon’s head, the antlers, the lion’s eyes, the tiger’s head, the bear’s waist, the snake’s scales, the horse’s hooves, and the ox’s tail. Although it looks very hideous, it has a gentle temper and is considered benevolent beast.

kylin-delivering-a-child-1The ancient Chinese folks generally believed that worshipping Kylin would bring sons. There was even such a proverb is circulating among the folks: “the boy brought by the Kylin in heaven would be the best scholar on the earth”. So, the newly born was also called “Kylin’s son” or “Lin’s son”.

kylin-delivering-a-child-3The picture “Kylin Delivering a child” has two common varieties: one is a boy riding a Kylin and holding a lotus or Ruyi in the hand, the other is a boy held by a fairy who is riding on the Kylin.

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