Li Brocade

Li Brocade was created by Li ethnic minorities in Hainan Island, China. In the Southern Song Dynasty, Huang Daopo from Songjing (now Shanghai) of Jiangsu learned spinning and weaving form local Li people at Yazhou (now Hainan). Later she returned to Songjiang and began to teach the local women about cotton spinning and weaving technology.

Li Brocade

Li Brocade in mainly interwoven by cotton thread, linen thread, silk thread, golden and silver thread. Li people invented the brocade crafts combing tie-dyeing and weaving techniques. The process of making Li Brocade is as follows: set the warp on a holder, bind the warp with yarn and remove the yarn after dyeing, while flower patterns emerge on a blue background, and add colored woof. Patterns of Li Brocade are mostly composed of simple straight lines, parallel lines and geometric patterns, featuring shar color contrast.

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