Mourning Dress

Mourning dress of Three Kingdoms Period

Mourning dress was worn in the funeral. Mourning dress institution was initially set up in Western Zhou Dynasty (1046B.C.-771B.C.). Considering such relations among family members as ranks, gender and degrees of kinship, the mourning dress was designed in different texture. During the Western and Eastern Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties (265-581) China’s mourning dress institution was established formally. It was fallen into five degrees, including garb of unhemmed sackcloth, garb of trim seam, garb of fine linen cloth, mourning dress of the next to last degree and funeral linen clothing of the lightest degree. After Qin and Han Dynasties (221B.C.-220A.D.), it’s been in use with a little change in institution until the early Republic of China.

According to five degrees of mourning dress, the closer the kinship was, the heavier the mourning dress was and vice versa. In the funeral, family relatives would wear lined clothes and wrap a piece of black cloth around the sleeve. People present avoided wearing fancy costumes.

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