Shaanxi Folk Embroidery of Jinnan Embroidery

The folk embroidery in Shaanxi Province has not only a long history but also the unique artistic style of its own, reflecting the local conditions, customs and characteristics. The folk embroidery works have simple patterns, flamboyant colors, concise composition, exaggerated shapes, multiple stitches and fine craftsmanship. They are mostly done by common working women. Among Shaanxi Embroidery works, those made in Xinzhou and Jinnan areas are the most influential.

hanfuShaanxi Jinnan Embroidery

Jinnan Embroidery
In the rural areas of Linfen and Yuncheng in southern part of Shaanxi, people’s daily articles and clothes are mostly decorated by embroidery. For instance, the collars, cuffs, skirts, shawls, hats, shoes, as well as quilt covers, pillows, wedding and birthday curtains, table covers, and chair cushions are all embroidered with different patterns, the patterns mostly take the popular themes among the folk people, for example, the peacock flaunting its tail, the magpie on the plum blossom tree, the pine and the crane, and two dragons playing with a pearl, phoenix and peonies. Moreover, patterns such as fruits and vegetables, birds and animals, landscapes and pavilions are even more common themes of embroidery.

The folk embroidery works of Jinnan area are mostly made by ordinary rural women. The traditional embroidery techniques are continued through the exchanges among family and friends. Local women start learning embroidery at a very young age. As they grow older, embroidery has naturally become an important artistic activity in their life. They accumulate experience and develop skills in practices. Thus, they can create new designs undependably while they can only imitate the existing ones at the beginning. In this way, they have created countless embroidery products which are rich both in decorative taste and in local flavor, and formed the unique Jinnan area folk style.

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