The Moral of Chinese Patterns of Circled Dragon Pattern


Circled Dragon Pattern refers to the pattern in the form of dragon coiled in the circle. This pattern is made in various forms, including “sitting circles dragon”, “rising circled dragon”. “descending circled dragon”, etc. It maintains the integration of dragon and thus wins wide popularity. In Ming and Qing dynasties, this pattern was widely adopted in clothes of emperors and empress, divided into “four circled dragons”, “eight circled dragons”, “ten circled dragons”, “twelve circled dragons”, and “sixteen circled dragons”. Some patterns are decorated with waves and Ruyi within the circles, which make the pattern more colorful.


Dragon is one of the auspicious animals in ancient China. It is symbol of power and also the totem of Chinese nation. According to historic records, the dragon had antlers, ox’s ears, horse’s head, rabbit’s eyes, snake’s body, fish’s scales, deer’s palms and eagle’s claws. Dragon can ride cloud and fog, rise cloud and drop rains, eliminate disasters and evil spirits. Thus dragon pattern is one of the traditional patterns which enjoy the longest history, are the most popular and influential, and have the most subcategories.

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