The Moral of Chinese Patterns of Lions Rolling Balls of Silk Strips

In traditional Chinese culture, lions are considered to be auspicious animals that can ward off evil spirits and foretell disaster. According to the folklore, the eyes of stone lions will turn red or even bleed when the catastrophe is coming.


“Lions Rolling Balls of Silk Strips” also known as “Auspicious Lion Playing with Balls”, is a very popular embroidery pattern among the folk people. According to the History of Han Dynasty, Etiquette and Music, the lion dance was already popular among the folk people in the Han Dynasty. Two people played a lion and a person held a ball made of silk strips playing with the lion. The pattern of Lions Rolling Balls of Silk Strips was created on the basis of the lion dances. Legend has it that lion’s hairs got entangled and rolled into a hairy ball where a cub came when the male lion and the lioness were playing. This was the origin of balls made of silk strips.

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