The Moral of Chinese Patterns of Picture of One Hundred Children

one-hundred-children-1The picture of One Hundred Children is an auspicious pattern consisting of many kids, symbolizing multiple offspring. Also called “One Hundred Kids Playing in Spring”, it is a very common traditional theme in embroidery products. In the picture, the kids are playing happily, which makes a joyous and lively scene. In the traditional Chinese culture, “one hundred” means a large number of infinite so that it has the meaning of extending the best blessing.


one-hundred-children-2Legend had it that the King Wen of the Zhou Dynasty already had 99sons originally. After he picked up Leizhenzi, he had exactly 100 sons in total. This is how the saying “the King Wen has 100 sons” came, and is regarded as a sign of good fortune, a symbol of multiple offspring and family prosperity. Therefore, the picture of One Hundred Children had been spread until today. It is often used in the bride’s dowry for the wedding to blessing the new couple to have many children as soon as possible.

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